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Talking Therapy

Counselling helps you draw on your strengths, capacity and self-knowledge to help you Make Sense of your difficult times.  This means that you have control of the counselling process deciding what you want to talk about and how much detail you want to give. There is no pressure to talk about something you're not ready to say. I am here with you, to listen to you and to really hear how your experiences are affecting your life.
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Together we can take time to work through what's happening at your pace and in your time. If you feel you're fighting against the flow, caught up or bowled over by your emotions and feelings, finding someone to talk to can be calming and comforting, helping you to breathe again. 
Even when you feel you're managing, that things aren’t too bad, you can still benefit from talking about the challenges you face each day.
If you’re feeling ready to take that step please call 07484 186662
.... My way of counselling is about helping people make sense of what's happening in their life leading to their personal sense of change. From troubles at work or difficulties in their relationships to the loss of a loved one or how cancer, health issues or a sudden event, like an accident have turned their world upside down seemingly without end....
  • Loss emerging from change can be traumatic and experienced in any aspect of life important to you, such as your relationships with others.  Particular times of year and stages of life can reignite how loss affects your emotions bringing up anxieties you thought were over.
  • Cancer and Health issues can touch every part of your life bringing into focus change in your relationships, your plans and your sense of yourself. Cancer can bring panic, disbelief and fear for the future, Loss of a sense of certainty, of identity, normality and the pain of unfairness. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a painful condition affecting nerves of the face. Speaking, kissing and the merest touch of a breeze can cause intense pain limiting interactions with others.
  • Bereavement, grief and mourning, the ripples of loss can touch every part of your life, changing the future you planned. The Loss of someone you struggled to love or had a difficult relationship with can also be challenging bringing up difficult feelings, past hurt, distress and anxiety. 
  • Becoming a carer for another, can be experienced in changes to your everyday way of life, future plans, loss of support and friendship alongside feelings of guilt and sadness.
  • Couples can feel overwhelmed when their relationship changes or seems to lose its way. When the stress of life impacts the closeness of romantic relationships, pain, fear and anxiety can follow. The safety and security once felt can feel under pressure.
Change can be hard to manage, but you don't have to do it alone.
As part of my commitment to you, I keep myself up to date with developments in my areas of counselling specialty and any areas closely linked to them. Currently this includes:

o Understanding the long-term effects of Cancer

o Bereavement & loss

o Health & wellbeing 

o Relationships and understanding the felt sense and effects on the body of our emotions 

o Being a trauma aware practitioner 

o Safeguarding and managing risk through digital media 

o The effectiveness of online therapy 
Therapy can help you fill your tank of resilience, helping support you through growth and change – you could begin counselling with a ‘starter’ appointment – find more here