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Couples Counselling in Cheshire and beyond

The relationship we have with our spouse or life partner can be one of the most important relationships in our lives. When everything is going well this relationship can give us a sense of safety and security, a sense of support and comfort and the feeling that we are cherished and loved.  
When our relationship feels secure, we can feel able to turn to that person, to reach for them and to share our worries and fears, knowing they are there for us, knowing they will support and care for us, knowing they will help us find a way through without judgment or blame.

But, when things are not going so well, this special relationship can quickly lose its connection. We can become caught up in negative patterns of behaviour that can leave us feeling rejected by the one we love. We can fall into blaming each other and cannot see how to move forward, we can become emotionally exhausted by the effort to reconnect and then turn to silence.

If the strength of this relationship begins to falter, we can find ourselves feeling anxious and alone, worried about the future and fearing the worst. Perhaps now is the time to find some helpCouples and Relationship Counselling can help you both find your way through, to help you see the patterns that brought you to this place, to help you reconnect with each other. Couples therapy can give hope that there is a way to make sense of what’s been happening. 
There is no need to face this alone – make contact today! The initial 20 minute starter call is free of charge.

In Crisis?

If you are in emotional crisis, please call your GP now and contact The Samaritans on 116 123 or or email (email emergency support). 

If you are in acute crisis now, please go to your nearest A&E (accident and emergency) department to access support.