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In these difficult times all my Counselling appointments are online via the ‘Zoom’ video conferencing platform and on telephone, whichever suits you. I work one to one with individuals. Appointments are available during the day and evening. This means you have flexibility in making regular appointments to suit your schedule.
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What can online & on telephone counselling offer?

o You can have counselling if you live remotely or don't want to travel 

o You can have counselling if you are unwell and cannot or do not want to leave your home. 

o You can have more flexible appointments. Daytime and evening appointments are available. 

o You can speak to a counsellor outside your immediate area, giving you more privacy 

o You may find it more comfortable, calming and easier to talk online 
Why not call today? Contact me on 07484 186662
…I believe that everyone can benefit from counselling. We all deserve to be heard, to share our worries and concerns with someone who listens and hears what we need to say. Therapy can now be part of our lives as much as any other well-being activity, even when you don't have a particular issue. Take that first step and get in touch today…
o 20-minute initial ‘starter’ telephone session to discuss how I can help you and whether you like what you hear - £0

o 50 minute individual online or on telephone session - £65

Payment confirms your appointment and can be made by bank transfer (BACS).