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The Covid-19 crisis has meant that many of us have experienced change in our lives. Change in any part of our lives can leave us feeling emotional loss, anxious and alone, worrying for the future and longing for better times.  Have you been affected by change in your life?  From the loss of a loved one, your health and future plans to losing your job, your sense of daily normality, or perhaps your relationship has  lost its way in these difficult times, change can be difficult. 

Have you lost someone you love, or struggled to love, is that feeling of sadness and tears sitting just below the surface perhaps suddenly overwhelming you. Perhaps you are experiencing feelings of fear and panic as you notice changes in your life and the loneliness of being unable to talk about it. Wherever you are in your life, struggling with beginnings or struggling with endings, you don't have to do it alone.
I'm Nicola and I help people like you talk about how their world has been affected by change and the feelings of loss that brings. Here you can talk about your thoughts, emotions and the sometimes unexpected feelings that emerge. I'm here to listen at your side, here to help you make sense of how you feel. 
If you’re struggling, anxious or tearful, talking things over in a confidential space can help bring calm to your world. 
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